Content Management Systems

Editing your website is something you can do, if you have the time and interest in doing so. We have clients who never touch their website, preferring to enlist us for each and every change, and that’s okay. But not all clients are like that. Some clients enjoy the hands-on relationship they have with their website. Regardless of how little or much editing you want to do, we have a solution that will work for you.


With advancement of open source tools like WordPress, editing your own site has never been easier. A WordPress website solution provides a robust platform that will allow administrators easy access and easy editability. WordPress is a popular premade, open-source (meaning community-developed and free) website platform. The advantage to WordPress is that is has a wide variety of functionality built into it, that if you were to have developed from scratch, would take hundreds, even thousands of hours.

When people hear “premade” and “free,” they frequently think “done,” and that is not the case. The WordPress platform requires setup and configuration. You could liken this to a model car kit. Getting the kit is the quick and easy part. Ahead of you are the hours of work and  customizations needed before the final product is ready to show.

In addition to the out-of-the-box website infrastructure, one of the best strengths of WordPress is the availability of plug-ins. Plugins are little features you can add to a website, some are free, some are paid. In the same way that many third-party manufacturers make cell phone accessories, there are thousands of third-party developers who develop and sell plugins specifically for WordPress due to its popularity. These plugins allow you to add features to your website for a fraction of the cost when compared to developing it from scratch. These plugins are one of the reasons WordPress websites grow easily along with the organization. As the needs of the site change, there are always a variety of relatively low-cost options available to you.

With sites like WordPress, the cost of ownership generally decreases over time, whereas straight, custom design generally increases over time. Not sure what’s right for your business? Contact us today.

Basic HTML Websites

For basic websites, WordPress can be overkill, and if you need something simpler, no worries. We’ve got you covered. Each website we build comes with a free, basic content management system that allows the site owner to edit the text on the existing pages.

Did you know that you can have a content management system added to your existing site? Ask us how.

Custom design vs a premade template.

Once you’ve decided on your website platform of choice, the next decision is: Do you go for a customized design or a pre-made template? There are pros and cons to both, and we can help you decided what’s right for your business.

The common factor most frequently is cost. A customized design is more costly (con,) but the end product is tailored specifically to your organization (pro) whereas a premade template is typically a one-size-fits-all solution, and your information must be shoe-horned in (con.) Unlike a custom designed where you tailor the design to your content, with a template, the reverse is done. Your content must be tailored to the design or the end result will look ill-fitting, like jamming potatoes into a sock (definitely a con.) Templates can sometimes have a sterile feel; designed to be generic to appeal to everybody from florists to artists to clothing sales (con.) Templates are always designed with the most aesthetically pleasing amount of information and to maintain that polish, you must create content around it. Templates also are historically a little more trickier to edit than a custom design.

At the end of the day, what is most important is that your website speaks to your end-users in a way that resonates with them. Also, it’s important that the look, feel and quality of a website must mirror that of the product or service that the organization offers.  If your business deals in the are of emotions and feelings, healthcare, childcare and things of the like, a deeper connection needs to be made with the site and that can be achieved through the subtleties of design.

Template Design

Don’t have the budget for a customized website template at this point? There are many templates available WordPress. Let us help you pick a template and we can set up for you.

We know this can be a little overwhelming. Let’s chat about it. There are never silly questions.