Website Hosting and Development, in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Do you need a place to host your website and make sure it’s visible to your audience? Do you need a professional website that engages your customers and results in sales? Do you need more traffic on your website? You’ve come to the right place.

You know your organization needs to stand out from your competition to be successful, and at JV Host, our goal is to develop meaningful solutions that help you do just that. When there are so many distractions fighting for your customer’s attention, you can’t afford to not make the best impression each time.

Our hosting experience ensures you’re website remains visible to your target audience.  We can start you with the basics and figure out the best plan for you. We don’t just offer hosting, we work with you to succeed. Contact John Vis today for a free quote or no-obligation consultation on your project.

About JV Host & Design

JV Host & Design has been connecting businesses with customers through professional engaging website and graphic  design for a over five years. We offer a range of services to help businesses establish themselves more effectively in the minds of viewers and customers through better visual communication.

We also provide reliable and fast hosting space for your greatest sales person and from what we’ve heard from our customers, we do it rather well. But there’s so much more to JV Host than design, pixels and bandwidth.

  • Intentional, Purposeful Practices

    Any person can create a website in the same way any person can drive a car by getting in the driver’s seat and slamming the pedal to the floor. The difference is that we take the time to understand the business, its future, its past, its challenges and most  importantly, its customers and its message.

  • Client Success Comes First

    Our success comes only after the success of our clients. Businesses invest in themselves through us, and we take this trust very seriously. We’re not here to build our portfolio, we’re here to help business owners take their business to the next level.

  • Strengthening our Community

    We believe strongly in community—people helping people—and JV Host favours helping many through empowering a key few. By donating hosting to organizations which may not otherwise have access, the results can be profound.

Is your website mobile device-friendly?

The mobile audience is growing and they’ll be looking for your website. What will they see? With over half of Canadians using smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s imperative more now than ever that your website be responsive. What is a responsive website you ask? A responsive website is one that resizes itself to optimize usability on mobile devices—from the smallest smartphone to the largest tablet, all the way up to a full sized monitor.

Contact us to find out if your site is mobile friendly!