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Your website is one of your organization’s most important tools. Regardless of the role you assign it, be it a simple informational role or something as complex as sales and support, your website is a visual representation of your business. One thing is for certain, you will only get out of it what you put into it.

Some businesses only need a basic one-pager. We do that. Some businesses need something larger and more robust like WordPress. We do that too. Perhaps you need an e-commerce solution. We can help. Regardless of the size of your website, we will have an option that fits your needs.

What will we need from you?

We will definitely need to work with you along the way.  We will have to get to know your business.  Your website is / will be a piece of your marketing plan so we may ask you about your marketing plans.  What do you want from the website?  Once we have that covered, we will provide you with a firm quote with a given scope.  If accepted, we proceed with a design mock-up and sitemap outline.  If you approve that, we move to coding and content.  This is where the next block of your time will come in – writing and / or reviewing the content.

What kind of price range are we looking at?

Prices start from $1,500 (CAD) for a very basic site and go up from there.  This is subject to change without notice.

Still interested? Contact us to get more accurate pricing on your project or fill out our online quote form.

Use your website to maximize your website’s full potential

When a potential customer comes to your website, it is because they are searching for information. If your website is little more than a glorified ad, your viewers will not find the information they seek and will move on to your competitors.

Instead of looking at your website like an expensive ad, think of it as a virtual representation of your business—your employees, your products/services and most importantly, your businesses experience and reputation. It’s fielding the questions you or your employees would normally be answering. It’s your online showroom and your inventory, your credibility. Is your website treating your online customer the same way that you would if they visited your business in person?

User’s expectations of websites have changed. Is your website having a dated conversation?

Users expect much more from a organization’s website than they did even five years ago. Gone are the days when customers would come to your site merely to find your contact information. When a user comes to your website, they are searching for something specific and if they don’t find the answers they need, they’ll move on to your competition.

A website could be brochure-style that dictates minimal information or it can be a valuable tool that:

  • captures your viewer’s attention,
  • shows how your services can solve the viewer’s problems,
  • proves your abilities with social proof like testimonials and case studies,
  • most importantly, motivates your viewers to pick up the phone or send you an email.

Experience Matters

Success is in the details: Content, content, content!

A website with quality content means a better experience for your customers, which will motivate them to pick up the phone.

  • A website that conveys only bare information is like a salesperson that mails out brochures and hopes somebody will call.
  • The latter is a salesperson who talks to customers, understands their problems, shows them how they can fix those problem and proving to them that their business is the right choice.

Who would you rather deal with? Most people would probably want to deal with the second salesman; it’s a better use of their time and better yet, the connection it creates builds trust. We believe that a website that answers your customer’s questions and meets or exceeds their needs, you’re building a relationship with your viewers before they even come to your business.

Trust JV Host with your website.

Our success comes only after the success of our clients. Businesses hire us because they take themselves seriously and they have plans and goals to succeed and grow their business. We are honoured to be a part of that process; to provide those valuable tools that will play a role in achieving those goals. Businesses invest in themselves through us, and we take this trust very seriously. We’re not here to build our portfolio, we’re here to help business owners take their business to the next level.

We have over fifteen years experience building websites for a variety of industries. We offer firm pricing on most projects. Once formally quoted, the price won’t change unless the scope of the project changes. As always, every website we offer comes with a basic content management system. Learn more about the JV Host difference or what it’s like to work with us.

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